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1. Complex of basic causes of patency disorder in cardiovascular system

Cholesterol and calcareous sediments in vessels
In case of increased level of cholesterol in blood, small sediments of fats are forming on the wall of vessels, because the amount of cholesterol, which circulates in blood is higher than the requirement of cells (the cells are taking from blood only a required amount of cholesterol, excessive cholesterol is beginning to deposit on the wall of vessels). Cholesterol sediments form plates on the wall of vessels, which gradually enlarge their volume and as a result of this, the lumen of vessels is narrowing as well as the decrease or total blockage of artery blood flow to the organs (heart, brain, lower extremities) can be observed.

Cholesterol - vessels sedimentation accompanied with calcareous sediments (placque formation)
symptoms: high blood pressure, breathlessness in case of exercise

Vessels (arteries) - reduced patency, impermeability
symptoms: pleurodynia, high blood pressure, pain in lower extremities, lower extremities spasm by walking, faint pulse on the arteries of extremities

Vessels (arteries) - reduced patency, impermeability in brain
symptoms: paramnesia, disorder of concentration, diaschisis

Rectification of alimentation:
- for the
decrease of triacylglycerols in blood  it is recommended:

  • overweight reduction

  • the decrease of alcohol intake

- for cholesterol decrease in blood:

  • the decrease of saturated fats consumption (milk products, fat meat, smoked meat) and their substitution with unsaturated fats in diet (for example olive oil, vegetable oil, sea fish).

  • the restriction or elimination of table salt amount in patients with high blood pressure and supplementation of iodine by means of nutritive supplements

  • sufficient intake of fibrous material trough the legumes, fruits and vegetable

- recommended beverages: nettle dioecious tea, silky willow tea and taraxacum tea

Rectification of motorial activities:
- recommended are: persevered dynamics sports, walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, hiking, ski running which act in favour of blood circulation development and blood flow increase through the constricted vessels
- not recommended are: static sports (exercise on sport tools, body building…) and head over heels exercise

Psychosomatic causes of condition problems and their elimination:
- the reversal of stress motivation into the motivation, which is a result of self-satisfaction feeling by the results achievement
- the breakdown of the self-perception vision in terms of higher tension level, purity of mental streaming without stress and a free, flexible reactivity to the stimulus. The creation of new elementary being forms under freedom, flexibility and in a process of complex purification and their continuous withstand during the realization of basic tasks
- ongoing training in a field of elementary being form creation and complex vision of a new self-perception, the personal structure completion for the incorporation of new elemental being forms

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