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Complex natural substances and recommendation to familiarize themselves with their clinical studies and experience with solid bones , hair , and nails healthy heart and blood vessels :

Calcium in the product contributes to normal blood clotting , normal functioning of muscles , digestive enzymes , to maintain healthy bones and teeth .

Magnesium helps in the preparation well manage energy , contributing to the alleviation of fatigue and exhaustion if the proper functioning of muscles and nerves .

Zinc in the formulation helps to maintain healthy bones , hair, nails , skin , good vision , to protect cells from oxidative stress plays a role in cell division .

Vitamin B5 helps reduce fatigue and exhaustion .

Vitamin B6 contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system to correct metabolism is important for energy production .

Siberian ginseng plant operates in a beneficial effect on the whole body , increases immunity against stress , improves physical performance , mental endurance , has a stimulating effect of excessive stress in mental or mentally exhausted , regulates blood pressure and heart rate . It may help flu and accelerate its progress . Furthermore, it is used in diseases that stem in mind , helps to increase resistance in people who suffer from anemia , depression , tuberculosis , chronic diseases of the heart and blood vessels , the operations of infectious judge onemcněních and elderly people . It can help women during menopause .

Dosage: 1-2 tablets . 2x daily

Tachyon - does not replace medical care , collects the experiences of patients and doctors , healers , and the latest knowledge in the field of nutritional supplements essential for successful self-care . It uses experience and works with global organizations for the prevention and treatment support . All the lessons learned consult with a physician .


calcium 300 mg (Calcium Carbonate, 37,5% RDI) (reference daily intake)
magnesium 140 mg (Magnesium Oxide, 47% RDI)
sibiric jen-chen 10 mg (eleutherococcus senticosus|
zinc 15 mg (100% RDI)
B6 10 mg (500% RDI)
B5 10 mg (167% RDI)
borum 100 mcg
chrome 50 mcg
D3 5 mcg (100% RDI)

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