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7.Defective condition of organism in case of allergy (asthma)

Increased reactivity of tissues to allergens

Main cause of allergic diseases is a hypersensitive reaction of organism to the agents, which are normally present in the environment. The first contact of organism with agent, which act as an allergen, may (in case of some people) results into the production of IgE antibody against those allergens. The next contact with the above mentioned allergen, trigger an allergic reaction in the organism. It is a complex reaction frequently mediated by an agent – histamine. Allergic reaction may affects different organs and organ systems (olfactory membrane, conjunctivas, bronchus -asthma, skin).

The triggering of the complex reaction in affected tissue mediated by histamine

Symptoms: neurodermatitis, swelling of oedema, increased secretion of mucous membrane, flush, the formation of exanthems

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