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Complex natural substances and recommendation to familiarize themselves with their clinical studies and experience in stimulating the immune system with anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects :

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Much research has been conducted on the effects of medicinal mushrooms Reishi and its benefits , which is the treatment of cancer . Reishi mushroom is rated among the top traditional Chinese medicinal herb - this fungus was used before more than 2,000 years ago by Chinese monks as part of their treatment for various diseases . In Asia, it is commonly and widely used in the treatment of cancer , as well also as a means of stimulating the immune healing organism and is considered one of the most respected herbal medicines in Asia .

Research done in Japan , Europe and some parts of America shows that one common feature of all the studies is that Reishi mushroom has the ability to affect the immune system most amazing and positive way . Because of lack of immunity has a significant impact on a larger number of diseases , including various forms of cancer .

Reishi significantly improves the immune system - scientists have also found that it has antipoburujúce , antiallergic , antiviral , antibacterial and antioxidant properties .

Studies also show that Reishi has the ability to inhibit cancer cells and generate new capillaries and acts as a very strong anti - tumor . It is also known as an important element in reducing the side effects of radio and chemotherapy and encourages appetite , cancer affected patient .

Dosage : 1 tbl . - 1 - 2x a day, 1 tbl . to 1 cup of coffee

Tachyon - does not replace medical care , collects the experiences of patients and doctors , healers , and the latest knowledge in the field of nutritional supplements essential for successful self-care . It uses experience and works with global organizations for the prevention and treatment support . All the lessons learned consult with a physician .


Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) 360 mg, 20 mg Microcrystalline cellulose (bulking agent), vegetable magnesium stearate (Anti-caking agent) 5 mg
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