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Complex natural substances and recommendation to familiarize themselves with their clinical studies and experience in the replenishment of vitamins , minerals , amino acids and strengthening the immune system :

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 Spirulina is the name of the species of freshwater algae , which already exists on earth over 500 million years, providing a wide range of nutrients and has been used for centuries in many cultures as a main dish . Modern science has found that Spirulina is one of the so-called . " Superfoods " and the Japanese government classifies it as a full functional food . It offers a huge amount of nutrients and many beneficial effects . Protects against infections , helps to reduce inflammation and maintain healthy cell structure for active people . It is ideal for people who want to combine improving dietary regime with exercise program .

It has amazing nutritional properties , the main component of the proteins that make up about 60-70 % of the mass . It is a complete and highly digestible protein for your body to five times easier to process than meat or soy protein . It also contains all eight essential amino acids - those that our body can not produce - making it an excellent source of protein for vegetarians . Moreover, it contains many important vitamins and minerals , including vitamin B12 ( often lacking in vegetarian diets ) , vitamins A , B1 , B2 and B6 , iron, calcium and antioxidants . Spirulina is rich and the other important phytonutrients , enzymes and trace elements . Contains significantly more vitamin A than carrots , and 50 times more iron than spinach and 25 times more calcium than milk . It is a potent source of antioxidants , including zeaxanthin , lutein and astaxanthin , who has been shown to help the body fight a variety of diseases .

Dosage : 2 x daily 4-8 tablets 15 minutes before a meal , when malnutrition is preferable to use directly with food .

Tachyon - does not replace medical care , collects the experiences of patients and doctors , healers , and the latest knowledge in the field of nutritional supplements essential for successful self-care . It uses experience and works with global organizations for the prevention and treatment support . All the lessons learned consult with a physician .


Spirulina platensis extract 35:1 300 mg Microcrystalline cellulose 50 mg Magnesium Stearate (vegetable) 10 mg
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