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8. Complex of primary causes of bad skin and hair condition

Epidermis – acne, the formation of suppurative eruptions

The inflammatory affection of sebaceous glands, which develops mainly in the period of puberty, but is seldom present in the period of maturity, when the production of sebum is increasing as a result of an increased production of androgens and female hormones. Under an excessive production of sebum the canaliculus of sebaceous glands (which transport the sebum on the surface of skin) are being blocked. The environment of blocked canaliculus is used by the bacterium Corynobacterium acnes, which elicits the formation of inflammatory and suppurative eruptions. Acne are mainly formed at the places, where a lot of sebaceous glands are present (face, front part of chest, back).
Recommended methods and effective agents (mentioned in the text) are focused on the elimination of causes of the above mentioned conditions.

Skin – acne, the formation of suppurative eruptions caused by an excess of androgens

Symptoms: the production and accumulation of sebum, increased grease of skin, increased lustre of skin, inflamed eczema on face, neck and chest
Androgens are male sex hormones, which are formed during the period of hormonal changes during adolescence with boys and girls. The effect of androgens on acne is decreased by female hormones, estrogens.

Skin – age spots

Age spots are dark brown spots on the skin, which are formed by the accumulation of lipofuscin (“senile pigment”) in the cells. Lipofuscin is (in the organism) formed from the compound, known as MDA (malondialdehyde), which is formed under the lipoperoxidation of arachidonic acid in the organism. Lipoperoxidation is a process, by which free radicals attack the lipids and is therefore rather dangerous, because of the impairment of the function of cell membranes and the accumulation of products inside the cells, which are not decomposed by the organism, which may result into the fate of cells. Antioxidants help to scavenger free radicals, which cause the lipoperoxidation.

Skin – age spots

Skin – weakening of the epidermis, the formation of wrinkles

The elasticity and the strength of the skin are ensured by elastin and collagen fibres, which form a strong and elastic network of the epidermis. In case of decreased production of those agents, caused by ageing, mechanical labour or radiation, the elasticity and strength of the skin is being disappeared and as a result of this, the wrinkles are formed.

Saggy skin – deformed face lines
Collagen – loss, deficiency
Skin – the formation of wrinkles

Skin – eczemas, psoriasis

They are most frequent connected with genetic predisposition. Such a skin requires a higher care, mainly the supplement with local agents; the very best are herbal extracts and oils, which are necessary for the normal regeneration of skin and nice appearance.

Skin - eczemas, psoriasis
Symptoms: cracking, exfoliation

Hair – canities, hair loss

In case of alopecia a presence of four main factors was determined:
1) heritability
2) hormones – male sex hormone - testosterone (which is transformed by 5-alpha-reductaze (enzyme) into the active form of dihydrotestosterone, which cause the impairment of hair roots) and female sex hormones – estrogens (they prevent the hair from they loss and therefore they lack in the period of menopause may result into the alopecia)
3) dietary factors
4) stress

Hair – the deterioration in hair quality
Hair  loss
Hair – canities and hair loss

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