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9. Complex of primary causes of decreased condition of urinary and sexual apparatus

Kidneys – hypocrinia, kidney stones

Prostate - benign enlargement of the prostate
Symptoms: pollakiuria and urgent urination, incontinency, nocturia, urination with a delayed start, weakened urinary flow, interrupted urination, hindered urination

Sexual activity
Decreased sexual activity
Symptoms: decrease in libido, erection disorders

Menstruation – problems connected with menstruation
Menstrual problems (as dysmenorrhoea, hypermenorrhoea and psychical changes) are occurring mainly in young ladies and may be (most frequently) caused by unsettled menstrual cycle as a result of hormonal disbalance or by erethism of nervous system in case of a lack of some compounds (calcium, magnesium).

Menstruation - painful (menstrual cramps)
Menstruation – psychical changes connected with menstruation
Symptoms: mood changes, headache, restlessness, nervousness, depression

Rectification of alimentation and motorial activities in case of problems, which are connected with menstruation

The decrease of the estrogens in ovarian follicles is a natural part of ageing process. It occurs, more frequently, between the 45 through 55 years of age, but it may also occur earlier or later. Stopping the secretion of estrogens does not occur immediately. The decrease or fluctuation of estrogens levels begins 2-10 years before menopause is occurring, and is manifested by ageing symptoms and vitality decrease. Sometimes the decrease of oestrogen level is so significant, that it causes irregular menstruation and other symptoms, which are connected with menstruation, such as colpoxerosis and hot flash. This complex of body and psychical changes is termed as menopause. There are also other symptoms, which are connected with menopause, and which are more serious and may endanger health and life of woman, such as osteoporosis.
The changes of woman organism, which are connected with a pre- and post-menopause period
symptoms: ageing symptoms, the decrease of activity and vitality, hot flash, colpoxerosis, osteoporosis

Breast – insufficiently developed breasts

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