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Tachyon selection - selection of the most important active ingredients, nutritional supplements latest knowledge and best arts to create a new image of self-perception, actively growing beauty, health and professional success, which are associated with ac

About us

Company Tachyon Technology pharm. manufactures nutritional supplements since 1989.

In our products we try to apply the latest knowledge from around the world in the field of nutritional supplements, experienced doctors, healers and patients. We work with our and foreign scientific institutions and organizations committed to promoting prevention and treatment of diseases.

It also engages in the research and gathering of scientific and practical knowledge in the field of healing and possible remedies for chronic diseases and improvement appearance.

In our work we will continue compiling other products to their specific characteristics will help in the promotion of health and treatment of aesthetic problems.
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       Thank all our clients for their trust, satisfaction, and we wish you health!

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