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Dietary supplement health promotion breast tissue , for comfort during menstruation and the menopause .

ANGELICA sinensis ( DON QUAN ) is a plant used to promote the health and comfort of the womb during menstruation .

SOY isoflavones are used to maintain prostate health and to promote the proper functioning of sexual receptivity .

SAW PALMETTO ( Sereona Repens ) is used to protect the health of the bladder and urethra to maintain prostate health and to promote the proper functioning of sexual receptivity .

Collagen is used to promote healthy skin, nails and hair , and to maintain healthy joints and bones.

Fenugreek is a plant containing steroidal saponins ( diosgenin , yamogenín , tigogenin and neotigogenine ) , which are used to maintain healthy blood sugar levels , the health promotion breast tissue and the time during pregnancy .

Damiana extract is used for maintaining a healthy prostate , and improved erections and libido .

Black Cohosh is a plant that is used for the menopause , and for comfort during menstruation .

ASSEMBLY PLANT HEALTH AND BEAUTY : Supplement " BREAST " is also in the assembly plant to support the health of the breast tissue .

Dosage: 2 tablets in the morning and 2 tablets in the evening for 3 months , and 1 package of preparation every 6 months as maintenance dose

Tachyon - does not replace medical care , gathers the experiences of patients and doctors , healers and the latest knowledge in the field of nutritional supplements essential for successful self-care . It uses experience and working with global organizations focused on health .

All the lessons learned please consult before applying them to a qualified professional .


1 tablet contains:
Saw Palmetto (extr. 4:1) 90 mg, Wild yam extr. 80 mg, Fenugreek (extr. 25:1)70mg, Fennel Seed (extr. 4:1) 60 mg, Angelica sinensis (Dong quai) 50 mg, Blessed Thistle ( extr. 4:1) 50 mg, Damiana Leaf (extr. 5:1) 50 mg, Black Cohosh (extr. 4:1) 20 mg, collagen hydrolysate 20 mg, soy isoflavones 20 mg

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