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Nutritional supplement for maintaining healthy teeth remineralization of the teeth , periodontal disease , complementing calcium and phosphorus .

Fluoride formulation helps maintain tooth mineralization .

Calcium preparation contributes to normal blood clotting , the Governing neurotransmission to the proper functioning of digestive enzymes , plays a role in the division and specialization of cells needed to maintain healthy teeth .

Phosphorus in the plant contributes to the proper functioning of cell membranes to maintain healthy teeth .

Potassium formulation helps maintain normal blood pressure , the proper functioning of the nervous system .

Zinc in the formulation contributes to a proper metabolism of acids and bases , carbohydrates , macronutrients , fatty acids , vitamin A , protein synthesis at the correct , to the maintenance of healthy bones , hair, nails , skin , protecting cells from oxidative stress , in the process of cell division .

 VITAMIN B6 in plant contributes to the correct synthesis of cysteine ​​, homocysteine ​​, the normal metabolism of protein and glycogen , to the correct formation of red blood cells to regulate hormonal activity .

ASSEMBLY PLANT HEALTH AND BEAUTY : Supplement " DENTOREMIN 1" is also in the assembly plant to maintain healthy teeth .

Method of use : during the day 1 -4 lozenges , especially after consuming acidic foods . Used sweetener acts against bacteria caries - similarly as xylitol in chewing gum . During sucking you create the idea that your teeth will no longer need not spoil , can be solid , strong and healthy . One of the causes of increased dental caries is in fact a psychosomatic disorder , which reduces the production of enzymes for the regeneration of the construction of the teeth .

Tachyon - does not replace medical care , gathers the experiences of patients and doctors , healers and the latest knowledge in the field of nutritional supplements essential for successful self-care . It uses experience and working with global organizations focused on health .

All the lessons learned please consult before applying them to a qualified professional .


1 tablet contains:
calcium citrate 75 mg, dicalciumphosphate 23 mg, dry whey (casein glycomacropeptides) 15 mg, green tea extract (45%) 13 mg, dipotassium glycerolphosphate 10 mg, calcium lactate 5 mg, citric acid 4,5 mg, IP6 3 mg, pyridoxine hydrochlorid (vit.B6), zinc sulphate

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